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  • Monday 24, October 2016

If your business expansion plans include Brazil, then you may need a reliable partner to manage the logistics that go along with cargo exportation. Whether this requirement is a one off or will be part of your future operations, Latin American Cargo (LAC) is the partner you need.  We provide the most reliable and the safest freight forwarding services to and from Latin America. You can be sure that your cargo will get where it needs to go securely and on time. Our word is our bond and we deliver!

Successfully penetrating the market in Brazil can only be achieved by partnering with the right logistics partner.We are the partner to work with because not only do we speak the language, but we also understand the culture of the local people. In addition, we have a clear understanding of the business environment and the freight forwarding industry in Brazil. As such, we are well positioned to provide your company with superior services and reliable shipping to this region.

The major advantage of partnering up with LAC is that the services we offer go beyond simply shipping cargo to Brazil. We have a team on the ground that is trained and equipped to help you penetrate the market effectively. If you want to expand your market to Brazil successfully, we are your most logical choice of partners.

Simply the Best

There are several reasons why we are the very best partners for businesses that are expanding to Brazil:

  1. We have immersed ourselves in the local culture and have a full understanding of it. This gives you the advantage of a bi-cultural identity and knowledge of the complexities that surround the Brazilian market.
  2. We speak the local language thus eliminating any language barriers that may make doing business with suppliers and/or customers difficult.
  3. Our team has the experience and necessary skills to navigate the logistical processes in Brazil. This knowledge means that we know what to do and when to do it as well as what to avoid.
  4. Our pricing for shipping to Brazil is very cost effective. We know the market and can offer you cost effective solutions.
  5. We offer specialized services tailored to your needs. Our knowledge of the industry gives us a superior understanding of how to meet your expectations.
  6. Round the clock availability. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means that there are no delays when responding to any question you may have concerning your shipment (s). We make sure to always be available to our clients, offer a service you can depend on and are ready to expedite shipments as needed.

With our experience, connections and skills at your disposal, breaking into the Brazilian market will be much easier for you.

Expansion to Brazil is a Brilliant Idea

It is a great time to go into Brazil. The economy is thriving and is actually expected to keep on growing at a very fast rate. In addition, it offers the opportunities that are commonly found in emerging markets. All this is to your advantage.

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