Largest Fleet Shipping to Mexico Yet, Freighting Company Latin American Cargo Is Ready to Deliver



29, May 2014

A new milestone for freighting company Latin American Cargo has been hit. Shipping to Mexico for years, LAC has the largest trucking fleet since its inception over 5 years ago.

As Latin America continues its strong growth despite the economic crises worldwide more and more companies are looking to take part in the dynamic markets of Brazil, Mexico, and others. Shipping to Mexico has been leading the growth for Latin American Cargo (LAC), a well reputed international shipping and freighting company. LAC is now dealing with the largest fleet of freight trucks ever, servicing all over North and Latin America.

As more businesses are shipping to Mexico LAC has had to expand their fleet of trucks and warehouses to accommodate their new clients. Historically strong and growing industries like automotive parts, mining, and textiles have been benefiting from increased trade, especially close to the U.S./Mexican border.

Latin American Cargo hit this new Milestone after over five years of specialized work in the field of shipping and freighting. Their company began as a specialized freighting company, trucking exclusively to and from Mexico.

Owner of LAC, Homero Herrera, says “We are proud to have come so far so fast” speaking about the success of the new milestone of his company. He continued saying “We pride ourselves in providing services to help our partners succeed. By keeping our success linked with the success of our partners we are able to make long-lasting partnerships that have helped us reach this level of performance.”

Specialization and dedication has allowed LAC to help companies shipping to Mexico, and they have recently expanded their services to do even more. A business development service has been added to the list of ways LAC attempts to bring success to their clients. Using their knowledge of language and culture the business development team has changed this freighting company into something above and beyond what is usually seen.

If this trend of success continues, Latin American Cargo may be reaching even more milestones soon while attempting to bring the greatest results to their clients. To see their services in full check out their website or request a quote to see how specialization pays off for their clients.

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