Latin American Cargo is a shipping company with years of experience shipping for the aviation and maritime industries throughout North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Offering reliable, cost-effective shipping solutions for the international transportation needs of the aerospace and marine industry comes with a lot of challenges. As both the aerospace industry and the marine industry grow, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), tier suppliers, leasing companies, airlines, and services companies have an increased need for shipping material, parts, engines, and components, as well as tools and equipment supplied on a just-in-time basis.

We specialize in shipping aircrafts, watercrafts, and all related aviation and marine equipment from the US or Canada to countries throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and the rest of the world. We understand the unique challenges and nuances of Latin American and Caribbean markets, with in-depth knowledge of the culture and politics of countries like Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, as well as their transportation individual regulations and guidelines.


Decades of International Shipping Experience

The specific demand for aircrafts and boats of all sizes and types in Latin American and Caribbean countries like Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and the Dominican Republic has been constantly growing for the last 20 years. The aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, and marine industries’ need for safe, reliable international shipping and logistics services has never been higher.

Our history of success providing logistics services and freight forwarding solutions is based on a specialized approach to shipping products, vehicles, and equipment for a wide range of industries. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing cost-effective and reliable transportation solutions that result in total customer satisfaction.

LAC offers international transportation services for the aeronautical and marine industries whatever the location of pick up and delivery, the size of the merchandise, and the distance traveled. Our shipping services do not stop at the safe, reliable international transportation of planes, helicopters, and boats. LAC also provides shipping solutions for your entire supply-chain, moving components, parts and tools at any point in the production, distribution, and maintenance process. This ensures that your dealers and distribution centers receive the logistics support necessary to keep your customers fully satisfied.


What do we ship for the aircraft and boat industries?

We provide shipping solutions throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean for your aircrafts and watercrafts, whether they are Completely Built Up Units (CBU), Semi Knocked Down (SKD), or Completely Knocked Down Units (CKD).

We ship boats, equipment and spare parts of all kinds and sizes, for shipbuilders, sailboat manufacturers, leasing companies, ship operators, and ship owners:
– multihull, monohull, cruisers, racers, power boats, speed boats, sailboats
– yachts, commercial vessels and cruise liners maintenance material and equipment
– outboard, inboard, stern drive and jet drive engines

Our transportation services cover all needs for aircraft manufacturers, leasing companies, airlines, or services companies in charge of maintenance, ground handling and in-flight services: civil aircrafts, commercial planes, business jets, touring aircrafts, recreational planes, helicopters, engines, avionics equipment, oversized parts…

Truck with a special trailer for boat transport. Land transport of boats and yachts.

Why consider Latin American Cargo shipping services for your aircraft or boat company

The benefits and features of LAC’s comprehensive international shipping and freight forwarding services for the aviation and boat industry include:

  • RORO (Roll On/Roll Off): Our simplest and cheapest method for the overseas shipping of all sizes and types of boats and planes, driven directly on its their own trailer onto the vessel.

  • FCL (Full Container Load): Filling a complete ocean container with your aviation and marine equipment, giving you more control over the packing and security of your cargo.

  • LCL (Less than a Container Load): Share an ocean transportation container with others to ship smaller volumes of cargo at more affordable rates.

  • FTL (Full Truckload Shipping): Ground cargo shipping throughout Canada, the USA, and Mexico filling a whole trailer.

  • LTL (Less than Truckload Shipping): Shipping smaller volumes of cargo throughout Canada, the USA, and Mexico by ground, sharing a trailer with other customers.

  • Overdimensional ground services: The right solution for transporting over dimensional and overweight loads including large boats, helicopters, extremely heavy machinery, and high, wide and heavy-haul shipments throughout Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

  • Project Cargo: Ship overseas your heavy weight, out-of-gauge, oversized or heavy cargo material, using our break bulk and bulk cargo multimodal transportation services.

  • Shipping Assessment: We understand the value nature of your shipment and will prevent any potential damages during the transportation by advising you on the measures to take to ensure strong protection for your cargo. For example, we may recommend having your boats and aircrafts shrink-wrapped or acquiring additional insurance.

  • Tracking Management: We track your shipment throughout the shipping journey so you know where your cargo is at all times, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

  • Specialized Services: Our team of experienced international shipping professionals specialize in freight forwarding services and critical logistics management.

  • Customer Support: Our support team is dedicated to getting your shipment delivered on time.

Choose LAC your best logistics partner when it comes to aircraft and marine equipment

At LAC, we understand that shipping is an integral part of any import or export business and that a reliable, cost effective shipping carrier is a key to your success in both the aerospace industry and the marine industry. Latin American Cargo is your ideal shipping partner to ensure that your material arrives safely at their final destination.