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To assist you, our experts have answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding international vehicle shipping.

The fastest and safest way to ship a car or any light vehicle internationally is by air freight. Sadly, it is also the most expensive as it can cost more than the value of the vehicle. Still, it can be a viable option for the right client.

We only ship industrial vehicles by ground (such as for construction, mining or agriculture), within and between Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Currently, we do not offer trucking solutions to ship a personal automobile.

The best way to ship a commercial or personal vehicle overseas is by ocean. There are four ways to ship cars, motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles internationally by sea: Roll-on Roll-off service, LoLo Transport, Container Shipping, and Flat Rack. Out of those four options, RoRo and container shipping are the most common

● Because of its efficiency, RoRo shipping is the most popular method for individuals as well as exporters and importers of conventional and specialized vehicles (for industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, etc). It is also the best option for transporting large, overdimensional vehicles, such as trucks and vans, as well as caravans, motorhomes, and even boats, without having to dismantle them first. Keep in mind, however, that RORO requires your vehicle to be rolled on and off the vessel. Therefore, if you are shipping a non-drivable car, you will need to use a modular transporter or ship by container. Additionally, not every port has the facilities necessary to handle RoRo vessels.
● Container is the safest method for shipping rare, expensive, or high end vehicles internationally since they remain enclosed the entire time. Also, it is the best option if you plan to relocate to another country as you can easily load your personal items inside the container along with your car; unlike RoRo, which requires you to empty your vehicle first. Furthermore, container ships operate on more access routes than RoRo ships. On the other hand, container shipping is significantly more expensive, takes longer to deliver, and cannot accommodate large, heavy vehicles outside its dimensions.
Please visit our RoRo and container shipping services pages for more details.

Compared to container shipping, Roll-on-Roll-off is the easiest and cheapest method, as it involves minimal lifting and does not require bracing or blocking.
● RoRo service costs range from $1800.00 USD for a conventional automobile to $6000.00 USD for a fully loaded 45' truck.
● Prices for door-to-port service by container start at $5900.00 USD for a 20' container and at $6900.00 USD for a 40' container.
The total cost of shipping depends on several factors: the type and volume of the vehicle, the insurance coverage, the country of origin and destination, and the optional services (door delivery, pick up, customs clearance, etc).
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RoRo shipping is generally faster than container shipping, without having to pay higher freight costs. Depending on origin, destination, and service, the transit time from port to port for RoRo varies from 1-4 weeks while the transit time for container shipping ranges from 3-7 weeks.

Our team of professionals will be providing you with updates throughout the journey of your shipment so that you stay well informed of the status of your cargo. You may also input the booking number on the steamship line’s website for further online tracking.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to travel on board the cargo vessel.

Each country has its own set of laws and regulations when it comes to shipping vehicle. Most countries will also allow cars and motorcycles to be shipped, though, some have strict rules and regulations relating to the vehicle age, left hand drive or right-hand drive or if new or used. Before you arrange to ship your vehicle, it is your responsibility to make sure that it can be imported into the country of destination. You may want to verify this with a knowledgeable customs broker.

Before shipping your vehicle internationally, you will need to ensure there is no outstanding liens/loans to be paid. We would require original title, copy of the bill of sale and a copy of your passport to comply with the customs export formalities.

Yes, we offer an additional insurance policy for international vehicle shipping. You must be aware that all transportation carriers have limitations in their liability, therefore we highly recommend insuring your cargo. Occasionally, circumstances beyond our control may cause damage to your vehicle while it is in transit. Insurance prices will depend on the value of the vehicle and shipping costs.

Depending on your status in the country you are shipping to, you may be able to apply for certain benefits or exemptions regarding duties and/or taxes. Our suggestion would be to review these details with your customs broker.

Yes, you will need to hire a customs broker or agent to help you with the importation and clearance process. If you do not already have, we advise contacting your local consulate as they will most likely be able to recommend you a knowledgeable customs broker for your shipping project.

We only offer customs clearance services for commercial and industrial vehicles.
If you wish to ship your personal car, please contact the local consulate for assistance in finding reputable customs brokers.

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