Road-Rail Intermodal Freight to Mexico, the USA & Canada

Choose our road-rail intermodal transport solutions today, and start reducing your transportation costs when shipping cargo to and from Canada, USA and Mexico.

Save time and money with our door to door rail-road intermodal transport between the US, Mexico and Canada: Drayage, Piggyback, Double-Stack, Transloading

Latin American Cargo’s intermodal transportation solutions help customers who are looking to reduce costs when shipping their cargo by ground. Our team of experts work hand in hand with the best intermodal carriers in the industry offering multimodal services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Our door to door intermodal rail services are only handled with class 1 railroad companies such as BNSF Railway, Canadian National Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway, CSX Transportation, Ferromex among others.

What is Intermodal transportation?

International Intermodal transportation is an alternative method to traditional over the road transportation, using two modes of transport: trucking and railroad.
After the cargo is picked up at origin, a dray carrier delivers the loaded trailer (also known as Intermodal Transport Units or UTI) to the rail station where it will be loaded on the train using an intermodal ramp. The long-haul portion of the shipment is done by railroad transportation until reaching the rail station at destination where the trailer is transferred again from rail to truck; then, a dray carrier will continue with the final delivery.


Trailer On Flat Car (TOFC)

Our Trailer on Flat Car offers the same advantages of over the road door to door trucking but at a much lesser cost due to the fuel efficiency of the railroad transportation. TOFC shipping does not confront the same difficulties as conventional trucking does, such as driving time restrictions, weather conditions, accidents, heavy traffic, over the road construction and weighing stations.

Intermodal Refrigerated Units

Your cargo may require transportation in a temperature-controlled environment for which our company offers Intermodal “reefer” shipping services. Precise and detailed supervision is essential to ship perishable and fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, flowers or temperature sensitive goods.
Our partnerships with the best Intermodal Reefer Providers allow us to offer safe, secure, and efficient Temperature Controlled Intermodal Transportation, throughout USA, Canada and Mexico.

International Drayage & Cross-border service

Latin American Cargo’s (LAC) intermodal drayage services to & from Mexico, Canada and the US, ensure your cargo moves on the fastest routes and at the lowest possible costs.
Our cross-border intermodal trucking services offers different routes to and from Mexico, Canada and USA. LAC’s extensive knowledge of cross-border intermodal drayage throughout North America and cost-efficient intermodal services will ensure that your cargo gets to its destination smoothly and safely.

Intermodal Shipment tracking and monitoring

Your freight is in good hands with our intermodal freight transport division; our high volume of shipments gives us the required leverage to make sure that your cargo gets special priority treatment throughout the whole intermodal journey. With a state-of-the-art satellite tracking system, we can offer you a complete real-time cargo monitoring service. Keeping up to date with the most recent security measures allows us to guarantee safe and secure intermodal transportation services to our customers.

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