International shipping and logistics for film, music, TV, arts, sports and event production


LAC offers cost-efficient international shipping solutions for film, television, performing arts, music events and related entertainment industries in the US, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

At LAC, we understand the sense of urgency that can go with waiting on crucial items that are holding up a production, causing costly delays in the organization. Our team of international shipping professionals provide cost-efficient solutions for film, music, performing arts, sports and event productions needing to have important equipment, gear, or set pieces delivered.

Film and television productions from around the world have been taking advantage of the spectacular natural beauty and breathtaking backdrops of Latin American countries and Caribbean islands for many years. Among the Latin American and Caribbean countries active in the film production industry include Mexico, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina.
Production crews in need of professional international shipping services can rely on Latin American Cargo to safely transport a wide range of related equipment, vehicles, gear, and materials.

Decades of International Entertainment Production Shipping Experience

At LAC, we work with film, music, tv and performing arts crews in the US, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean to facilitate a wide range of international shipping options catered to their needs: LCL and FCL ocean transportation, ground transportation, and air transportation.

Extensive knowledge of the rules, regulations, and customs for countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean allows LAC to offer an efficient, more affordable international shipping process.

Much of the cargo shipped for entertainment and film production applications involves sensitive, high tech equipment that requires special care and transportation procedures. Dedicated industry professionals at LAC have years of experience to ensure the safe, timely delivery of fragile, expensive production equipment.


What do we ship for the Entertainment Industry?

Our services extend to a large variety of entertainment production applications:
· Documentary, motion picture & television production
· Art, film, and music festivals
· Music concerts and tours
· Trade shows and corporate events
· Sports events and live exhibitions

We ship any kind of equipment needed for studio and remote location production:
· Cameras, camera equipment, and accessories
· Lighting and sound equipment and gear
· Motorized dollies, camera cranes and carts
· Stunt vehicles, vintage vehicles and movie cars
· Production set materials, power supply equipment,construction equipment

Why consider Latin American Cargo shipping services for your entertainment and film production company

Choose LAC your best logistics partner when it comes to Entertainment & Film Production

The cost and accessibility of high performing processes has resulted in an expanding entertainment production market throughout Latin America. Latin American Cargo is a full service international shipping company serving the entertainment industry. We provide reliable freight services to and from the US, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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