Trust the international shipping professionals at Latin American Cargo to transport disaster relief supplies, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Shipping medicine and medical equipment are often a matter of life or death for the healthcare industry. Medical supplies and pharmaceutical products require extra diligence to make sure sensitive equipment and supplies reach their destination in a safe, timely manner. The transportation and logistics professionals at Latin American Cargo have decades of experience navigating the complicated process of shipping cargo related to the healthcare industry.

At LAC, we are well-versed in the ever-changing shipping and warehousing regulations and customs in countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, including Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic. LAC’s decades of success in the international shipping business has created a vast global network of valuable resources to help facilitate the transportation needs of the healthcare industry.

Ship medical supplies, emergency relief, pharmaceuticals

International Shipping Services for Medical Supplies, Pharmaceutical Products

Latin American Cargo is a full service international transportation and logistics company providing a range of specialty services for ground transportation, ocean transportation, air transportation, reefer transportation, and affordable warehousing options for materials and products in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

LAC provides specialized freight forwarding solutions designed for the international transportation of medical equipment and instruments, pharmaceutical supplies and products, emergency medical items and gear, housing materials, and water purification systems.

We also help healthcare companies shipping any kind of optical equipment, medical instruments and nursery products throughout the US, Canada and Latin American countries.

Emergency and Humanitarian Relief

Countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua or Haiti receive a significant amount of healthcare related donations from the United States and Canada each year.

In addition to handling the standard business needs of the healthcare industry, LAC is active in providing international shipping of products and materials used in relief and emergency efforts for people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean:

. Worldwide shipping solutions for aid efforts from the air, ground, and sea.
· Warehousing and logistics services for emergency situations.
· Access to strategically located shipping and storage facilities dispatching emergency medical cargo, water purification kits, food, housing materials,…

ship medicine, transport pharmaceuticals
Healthcare industry shipping emergency relief material transport

Why consider Latin American Cargo shipping services for your healthcare company

The benefits and features of LAC’s wide range of international shipping and logistics services for the healthcare industry include

  • FCL (Full Container Load): Filling a complete ocean container with your healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical products and equipment, giving you more control over the packing and security of your cargo.

  •  LCL (Less than Container Load): Share an ocean transportation container with others to ship smaller volumes of cargo at more affordable rates.

  • FTL (Full Truckload Shipping): Ground cargo shipping throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico filling a whole trailer with your medical and pharmaceutical items.

  • LTL (Less than Truckload Shipping): Shipping smaller volumes of cargo throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico by ground, sharing a trailer with other customers.

  • Air Transportation: The fastest way to ship your cargo with our reliable and secure air freight services, offering daily flights and weekly consolidations.

  • Reefer Transportation: Temperature-controlled transportation using refrigerated shipping containers to transport sensitive medical goods over long distances by ground or by sea.

  • Tracking Management: We track your shipment throughout the shipping journey so you know where your cargo is at all times, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

  • Specialized Services: Our team of experienced international moving professionals specializes in freight forwarding services and critical logistics management.

  • Customer Support: A support team dedicated to getting your cargo delivered on time.

Choose LAC your best logistics partner when it comes to healthcare equipments, pharmaceutical products and medical supplies

Latin American Cargo takes extra care and attention to ensure the safety of healthcare industry materials being shipped internationally for medical and pharmaceutical businesses and applications. We have an impressive team of international shipping professionals dedicated to providing safe, affordable transportation solutions with extraordinary customer service support.