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Latin American Cargo offers a range of professional warehousing and distribution services with cost-effective solutions for your logistics needs.

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It’s no secret that there’s a tremendous amount of ground freight that runs from Canada and the United States to Mexico

With some of the longest borders, most open trade agreements, and largest consumer bases in the world, the numbers are only growing.
Mexico’s steadily increasing middle-class is consuming more Canadian and American-made merchandise than they ever have. The levels of trade with Mexico have reached the point of challenging China as the America’s number 2 trading partner. The increased demand for North American-made products means increased traffic of cargo trucks rolling out of North American factories and towards the Mexican border. Those manufacturers and distributors sending their merchandise into Mexico need dependable, cost-effective logistics support services. Among these are warehousing and distribution, crossdock and transloading.
These warehousing and distribution services expedite order fulfillment, and employ the latest methods and systems to optimize efficiency and timely deployment. Using warehouses strategically located along the Mexican border means that the ordered merchandise arrives at your client’s location sooner. LAC (specialized in logistics services to Mexico) partners with all the best Warehousing and
Distribution firms conveniently spread all along US/Mexican border.
Transloading in logistics refers to the transfer of goods using one mode of transportation to another. Many goods are transported via ground transportation train, then truck. Transloading also refers to the transfer of goods from one trailer (E.g. from Canada or the USA) to another trailer (E.g. from Mexico). Transloading helps save businesses money and increases their flexibility. Many times due to certain circumstances you are required to have a transloading operation. That's where LAC can help.

Store & Distribute with LAC: The most reliable warehousing and distribution service into Mexico

Offering hundreds of thousands of square feet of US Customs-bonded warehousing space along the US/Mexican border, we are prepared for any storage and distribution need you might have. Our industry-leading alliance partnerships support the finest supply chain, transportation and warehouse management services. These partnering companies use the most modern equipment and technology to handle your cargo securely, and in keeping with your customers’ most complex demands.

Our warehouse facilities confidently feature:

• Hundreds of thousands of square feet of combined space.
• 24-hr monitored alarm systems.
• Commercial liability insurance.
• Tailored inventory programming.
• High density storage racking.

Indeed, we’re at every important border crossing between the United States and Mexico, allowing for storage and distribution from these junctions to all points south. Available warehouse space can be booked in Laredo, Brownsville, McAllen, El Paso, Eagle Pass, Pharr, Douglas, Nogales, Calexico, Tecate, San Diego among others.

At LAC, the best care is taken with all merchandise to ensure its safety and integrity. Everything is labelled, tracked, and meticulously updated to move products in and out, on time and without damage or delay.

Among our services, we offer:


Contact LAC’s international logistics experts to find out more about our tailored solutions for doing business in Mexico. LAC offers all-inclusive services that remove the worry and allow their clients to focus on their core activities: generating new business and maximizing profit.

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