International transportation and logistics services for the manufacturing and high-tech industry


LAC is a versatile full-service resource for the international shipping needs of the manufacturing and high tech industry.

Latin American Cargo is a trusted international shipping and logistics company that understands how critical our services are for high tech manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Thanks to our service excellence, we provide to our clients the best shipping solutions to keep up with the high demands of the competitive and ever-changing manufacturing and high tech industry.

We use years of experience and a global network of resources to provide reliable shipping of manufacturing and high tech cargo to and from countries such as Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.

Decades of International Manufacturing Shipping Experience

Manufacturing and high tech production opportunities continue to grow throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean in a very open and competitive market. For over 20 years, LAC has kept up with the increase in demand for reliable, affordable international shipping solutions with efficient, and safe solutions to the manufacturing and high tech industry.

We provide a wide range of specialized shipping services and freight forwarding solutions to help the manufacturing and high tech companies:
- Making their supply chain more agile
- Optimizing their distribution and storage costs
- Delivering their new products and finished inventory on time
- Reducing their inventory to avoid stock disruption
- Moving faster their manufacturing production equipment and materials


What do we ship for the Manufacturing industry?

Our tailor-made shipping solutions are designed to meet your unique supply chains requirements by linking your productions sites with your distribution centers to your final customers.

By using ground transportation, ocean transportation and air transportation, along with comprehensive warehousing solutions, we are able to offer a unique door-to-door delivery service to the manufacturing and high tech companies.

We can move any type of products throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, from apparel to small components and entire production machines:
· Electronic hardware, semiconductors, computer office equipment
· Cotton threads, yarns, man-made staple fibers
· Knit apparel, woven apparel, synthetic garment
. Electrical equipment, production line material & machinery

Why consider Latin American Cargo shipping services for your Manufacturing & High Tech Company

Choose LAC your best logistics partner when it comes to manufactured goods & high-tech products

Advanced technology and e-commerce have changed the way manufacturing and high tech companies run production and do business in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and around the world. Our dedicated team of logistics and international transportation professionals understands these nuances and complications now involved when shipping goods, ranging from apparel to electronics items.
Latin American Cargo has kept up with the rapid changes to continue providing the highest quality transportation services and make sure that all your items and equipment arrive safely at their final destination.

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