When shipping freight by ground, it is essential to hire the services of a domestic and cross-border transportation specialist that can handle your FTL and LTL shipments safely and in a timely manner. Latin American Cargo’s ground transportation services allow our customers to reach the most remote places in North America.

We are continuously focused to offer our customers reliable and custom-designed service support.

Take advantage of our network of carriers for your freight transport to Mexico, USA & Canada

For more than two decades, LAC has been a major player in ground shipping and commercial trucking to Mexico, Canada and USA; offering specialized cross border freight, from standard FTL to heavy-haul & flatbed shipping.

Our partnerships with the best trucking companies in the industry allow us to offer you the cheapest shipping rates to transport your cargo by ground to and from Mexico, the US and Canada.

As such, the know-how of our trucking professionals, along with our strong alliances with specialized cross border carriers will give you access to a large fleet of trucks, flatbeds and heavy-duty trailers. We answer the call of any type of commercial ground shipping needs you may have, to transport your cargo efficiently between Mexico, the USA and Canada.

We offer the following door to door trucking services to Mexico, USA and Canada:

We specialize in domestic & cross-border trucking to Mexico, USA & Canada:

Cross-border trucking freight movement between Mexico, USA & Canada has been increasing exponentially since the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has reported that transborder freight between Canada, USA & Mexico has reached $ 772 billion in goods in 2019.

This trade deal has been renamed as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The new USMCA has increased international commerce and truck freight movement across the borders benefiting trucking and shipping companies as well.

As a cross-border trucking specialist we help exporters and importers with their ground freight needs. Our trucking experts will handle your FTL, LTL and flatbed shipments in a safely and timely manner.

With a vast experience in cross-border trucking between Mexico, USA & Canada and long lasting partnerships with the best trucking companies in the industry, we are able to bring you the competitive advantages you need when shipping freight by ground to & from Canada, USA and Mexico.

LAC is continuously focused to offer you reliable and tailor-made shipping solutions, attentive service support and competitive prices for all your ground transportation needs.
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When it comes to cross border shipping to Mexico, USA and Canada, Latin American Cargo is the right logistics partner.