Latin American Cargo Helps Prepare Companies Shipping to Brazil for the Next Big Trade Shows; Tips and Why Trade Shows Matter to You

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Updated: October 14, 2021

Brazil is holding some of the world’s largest trade shows in automotive and other industries. Find out why trade shows matter for any business. Latin American Cargo provides helpful tips and uses its specialization in Latin America to make sure their clients succeed at whichever trade show they attend. More than just shipping to Brazil, they provide business development services which clients can use to maximize their efforts.

There are more companies shipping to Brazil and all over Latin America because of the rise in scale and popularity of trade shows. Many of the largest businesses in a variety of sectors use them as a chance to promote their company, products or services. They are essential tools for a successful business. Going to your first trade show as an exhibitor might seem like a challenge, but Latin American Cargo (LAC) can help. LAC is offering useful tips and advice for anyone looking to be part of a trade show.

Trade shows are hubs for like minded companies, customers and enthusiasts to be together in one venue and share their latest innovation and expertise. In an age of fast-paced change and development, trade shows are one of the best ways to stay up to date. Latin American Cargo has been working in Brazil with their trade shows for over a decade and knows just how to help their clients enter into that new arena.

Many companies are in the middle of shipping to Brazil for the latest big trade show. The 2011 Brazil Automation Trade Show is scheduled for the 8th to the 10th of November, and is the 15th of such events in Brazil. This year they are expected to receive over 15,000 visitors and hundreds of exhibitors, all who were geared towards the latest developments in engineering and automation. Getting all the equipment to site on time and without damage can sometimes be a major worry. This is why a reputable freighter is a worthwhile investment.

Latin American Cargo, with their years of specialized experience shipping to Latin America, knows the ins and outs of all the major trade shows. As well, their new business development is geared towards just such an event. Their team knows how to coordinate and make the most out of any trade show. To prepare for the increasing demand of those attending trade shows, LAC is expanding their fleets and getting involved with the major shows throughout Latin America.

Another show Latin American Cargo is preparing for is the Intermodal South America, held in Sao Paulo this coming April. This automotive show is one of the largest around the world, and their stands for exhibitors are already almost sold out! The expected attendance for this event is likely to exceed 45,000 over the two days it is being held.

As Latin American Cargo prepares for a busy season shipping to Brazil for all of their trade shows they also wanted to issue a reminder. Cargo insurance is a must when dealing with any shipment, but even more so when it contains your newest and best equipment, like so much of the trade shows do. Like many of the companies at the trade shows, Latin America Cargo is aiming to bring their best to Brazil this year to show what difference dedication and professionalism makes.

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