Looking for Air Freight shipping solutions to Mexico, Central and South America, or the Caribbean?

At Latin American Cargo (LAC), we understand the importance of air transportation, and are proud to offer you top-notch service. Our strategic logistics planning and execution guarantee timely delivery of cargo, with destinations around the globe. For over 20 years, we have nurtured close partnerships with the most efficient airlines, who now support our clients’ needs when shipping goods through the skies. Leveraging their expansive resources, our Air Freight division manages shipments to any destination in Latin America and beyond, with ease. The net result is fast, reliable and secure Air Freight transportation services, with daily flights and weekly consolidations.
Furthermore, our solid understanding of customs and legal requirements, international marketplaces, and an extensive knowledge of local corporate cultures make us the right choice when shipping goods by air.


Proven Track Record

But knowledge and contacts aren’t worth much if you can’t come through when it counts. To back up our words, LAC boasts an unparalleled track record of deliveries completed on schedule, and free of claims. Time after time, LAC’s Logistics Pros leverage their specialized industry training and know-how to step up with the finest personalized service for their clients. Whatever they need to ship, wherever it needs to go, our clients and their precious cargo are always connected with the best Air Freight shipping solution possible. Versatile, scalable, and suited to their needs.
Put your trust in our people, and they’ll always come through. One single Logistics Pro will be assigned to your shipment, taking ownership from A to Z, with responsibility to resolve any possible issues that arise. Want updates? They’ll also keep you informed along the way.

Avoid Legal Issues and Delays

As a proud mainstay on the international Air Freight scene, LAC places heavy emphasis on compliance with local government agencies and airport authorities. How? Up-to-date knowledge of policy, reps who speak the language, and thorough documentation. We also employ a unique mix of direct services, cargo consolidation, and screening facilities exclusive to LAC.
Our regularly scheduled consolidations --in which several smaller shipments are assembled and shipped together to avail of better freight rates and security of cargo-- ensure lower costs and optimal safety for your merchandise.
Need it shipped the same day? When the clock is not your friend and every second counts, LAC moves at your speed. Those goods will be on the first plane out. Not rushed for time, but operating on a tight budget? We can handle that too, with many options available at very competitive rates.

Choose LAC: Your best logistics partner when doing Air Transportation

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