How to Ship to Brazil from USA & Canada Hassle Free?



26, March 2021

Brazil has been a fast-growing economy attracting US and Canadian exporters for many years. If you are looking for new frontiers in Latin America for your international business, it is time to start shipping to Brazil. But how to ship to Brazil from the US or Canada hassle-free?

The best way to ship to Brazil is by partnering with a reliable freight forwarding company that can provide comprehensive logistics services, tailored to your cargo needs.

LAC’s Expertise:

Whether this requirement is a one-off or will be part of your future operations, Latin American Cargo is the partner you need. We provide the safest and most reliable freight forwarding services to and from Latin America. You can be sure that your cargo will get where it needs to go securely and on time. Our word is our bond and we deliver!

How to ship to Brazil from the USA and Canada?

A lot of exporters want to know how to ship to Brazil from the USA and Canada. The country has become a hot property in the last few years and many sellers from North America now target the Brazilian market.

Brazil shipping restrictions

Brazil welcomes imports, but like any other country, there are some shipping restrictions:

  • First, certain used consumer goods such as tires, clothing, and vehicles are also restricted
  • Secondly, there is a ban on the imports of fresh poultry products from the US.
  • Moreover, no harmful items are allowed to be imported.
  • You may also need special permits or prior authorization for some items such as processed foods, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

OUR ADVICE: It is important to do some research before starting to ship. To know more about the latest customs rules and bans, we recommend that you contact Brazil Customs Services, and check with the officials in your Canada or USA – Official Government of Canada Travel Information or the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the US Travel State Government.

Shipping to Brazil Problems and Challenges

Senders may have to face 3 types of problems when shipping to Brazil from Canada or the US:

1. Customs & Duties Problems

The biggest issue shippers face is related to customs and duties. You cannot ship and export to Brazil without paying extra charges that can often be hard to compute. There are three main types of taxes and duties to pay from shipping to Brazil from Canada or the USA:

  • Import Duty
  • Industrialized Product tax
  • Merchandise and Service Circulation tax

These are usually calculated on a cumulative basis. Tariffs and duties are typically based on the shipment’s total value. It is common for Customs Officials to gauge the shipment’s value on the spot based on the documents submitted.

2. Technical Issues

Exporters may also face technical barriers related to the use of digital services. Moreover, changing export policies can also result in issues for businesses exporting to Brazil from the US or Canada.

3. Import Documentation Challenges

You must have all the required documents to pass customs, most importantly:

  • A B13a Export Declaration form for Canadian exporters
  • An AES Export Declaration form for US exporters

The list of documents can be exhaustive and depends on what is being sent. Some of the commonly required documents include:

  • Bill of lading or air waybill
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Insurance certificate
Some tips to remember:

Make sure to create a very detailed packing list to avoid hassles or delays when shipping to Brazil from the USA or Canada. Avoid using vague terms like “miscellaneous” or “others”. Such terms attract unwanted negative attention and inspections.

Best Way to Ship to Brazil from US and Canada

Shippers can choose from two main options:

  1. Ocean Freight: A safe, reliable, and affordable option to ship to Brazil from the USA and Canada.
  2. Air Freight: The fastest but also the most expensive option.

Ocean shipping to Brazil is the preferred choice for most buyers.

Shipments are sent in a container that is selected based on the type and size of the goods that are to be transported.
You can select from two main options:

  1. Less than Container Load (LCL)
    LCL method involves multiple shippers’ products and items packed together in a single container. This can be troublesome since there might be delays due to the fault of other shippers. Common issues include poor paperwork and products retained at customs
  2. Full Container Load (FCL)
    FCL is a term that refers to shipments for which all items in a container belong to a single shipper. This is the best way to ship to Brazil as it ensures the control remains in your hands. Shipping cargo to Brazil from Canada and the US is easier with this method.
Some tips to remember:

In some cases, containers with special paddings or temperature control elements are needed. We can help you select the shipping option and type of container that are best suited to your cargo needs, while controlling shipping costs to Brazil.

How to ship to Brazil from Canada and US: Cargo ocean ports

It is important to choose the right port since available services differ from port to port. Keep in mind that shipping costs to Brazil will also depend on the port of arrival. It might be best to choose a port that is close to your final destination, so that there is less time wasted in transporting your goods by road over a long distance.

The main ocean ports in Brazil are:

  • Santos
  • Paranagua
  • Suape
  • Rio Grande
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Manaus
  • Salvador
  • Itapoa
  • Itaguai
  • Itajaí
  • Navegantes
  • Victoria
LAC’s Expertise:

We can help you pick the right port according to your requirements and providing reliable and safe drayage services, whether you are shipping to Brazil from Canada or the US. Talk to our experts to know more about shipping costs to Brazil.

Why trust LAC for your commercial cargo shipments to Brazil from Canada and the US

Successfully penetrating the market in Brazil can only be achieved by partnering with the right logistics company that knows the best way to ship to Brazil.
Here are the 5 reasons why we are your ideal partner to expand your business and start shipping to Brazil from the USA or Canada:

  1. We have a full understanding of the people, the language, and the local culture.
    This gives you the advantage of a bi-cultural identity and knowledge of the complexities that surround the Brazilian market, thus eliminating any language barriers that may cause difficulties with your customers.
  2. We know the business environment and the freight forwarding industry in Brazil.
    This knowledge means that we know what to do and when to do it to avoid any problems that can occur when shipping to Brazil.
  3. We guarantee the best shipping quotes to transport your commercial cargo to Brazil from Canada or the US.
    Thanks to our vast network of top freight carriers we are able to offer you the cheapest shipping rates and the most cost-efficient cargo services.
  4. We offer specialized services tailored to your needs.
    Our knowledge of the industry gives us a superior understanding of how to meet your expectations. As such, we are well-positioned to provide your company with superior services and reliable shipping to this region.
  5. Round-the-clock availability is one of our best qualities.
    We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means that there are no delays when responding to any question you may have concerning your shipment(s). We make sure to always be available to our clients, offer a service you can depend on, and are ready to expedite shipments as needed.
LAC’s Expertise:

The major advantage of partnering up with LAC is that the services we offer go beyond simply shipping cargo to Brazil. Our team of experts is trained to help you export to Brazil hassle-free. With our experience, connections, and skills at your disposal, learning how to ship to Brazil from the US or Canada will be much easier for you.



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