Latin American Cargo’s Freighting Business Model Can Help Any Company Succeed; Not Just for Shipping Companies

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Updated: September 08, 2020

Freighting Company Latin American Cargo, which has been shipping to and from Latin America for decades, has been benefiting from a strong business model and important company ideals that can be applied by almost anyone to achieve new levels of success. LACs business development department shares some of their secrets to success and their high level of performance as the beginning of a new program for companies to use for free.

Why are some companies more successful than others? You may get frustrated that your company with a great model and good workers lacks the results you’d expect. Not every company can be run the same way, but there are certain guiding principles that Latin American Cargo (LAC), a shipping and transport company operating throughout North and Latin America, uses that can benefit almost any company. This helpful guidance comes as a new initiative from LACs growing business development department

This advice comes from the many years LAC has been making shipping runs to and from Latin America. By using the experience from success and failures of business ventures, the business development department of LAC feels it can help a company achieve fuller potential. Below are some ideas that LAC feels can help companies the most, as part of their new wide reaching program.

The main goal of LAC has always been to run a joint venture with every member of its team playing an important role. Having a strong partnership between employees matters in a business of any size. To bring out better performance or to ensure customer satisfaction LAC uses a few simple methods based around the idea of partnership.

The new initiative in the business development department of LAC is being used to highlight the expertise and specialization that can be used to the benefit of other companies. As well, by showing universal rules of business efficiency, LAC proves that even businesses not looking to expand into Latin America can use their services.

For LAC, performance is hugely important. Being unable to perform to certain standards brings a bad reputation to a company. LAC strongly believes that it is necessary to give every associate (member of the team) a sense of accomplishment and reward them for hard work. The way LAC does this is simple and very effective. By giving the opportunity to every associate to search for, service, and handle their own client projects exclusively, LAC and its team gain a huge advantage over the competition.

Firstly, by giving team members control over projects, clients or portfolios, they can understand the responsibilities involved with success from beginning to end. Also, this freedom will help differentiate the productive and driven associates from the less efficient ones. To help workers give their utmost to performance and curb mediocrity, LAC includes strong incentives for their workers.

The key to this model is having worker pay based around success of the company. This is the same strategy used by call centers and banks to find those best suited for a job. In the case of LAC, employees, or associates as they are called, are in charge of their own list of clients. This involves finding and handling their needs. In this way no one is burdened with too much work and success is solely in their hands. Likewise, by having a pay scale that is based partially around associate success, everyone is encouraged to try their hardest. This can be done as a portion of the income earned from clients or an end-of-the-month-bonus method where the top performing workers receive pay or gift bonuses.

In the case of Latin American Cargo there are many ways of tracking performance with shipping. There is of course client procuring and retention where associates would be paid more for having the most clients, or, if client feedback is frequent, the level of client satisfaction could be measured to determine performance. There is the value of their portfolio, where the shipping contract earnings play directly into pay, which is probably the fairest method of compensation. The volume of containers shipped per week or month and at what distance can be calculated and be rewarded as necessary. The speed of delivery or completion of freighting contracts of a certain size in a given time frame may also be an option to give bonuses.

This method that Latin American Cargo uses to ensure quality service for their clients who want to ship to and from Mexico, Brazil and the rest of Latin America, is easy to implement and very effective. LAC is taking an old concept found in other forms of business and applying it successfully to themselves to improve their service to clients and their profits. Do like LAC and remember that a common interest within a company, the idea of hard work and performance, is vital to any business and should be nurtured. Reward hard work and results and your company will flourish.

This new effort on the part of LAC to showcase their expertise in this new field of business development allows them to provide valuable insight into business efficiency for everyone to see as well as to let readers know they have much more expertise available.

Likewise, those who find their advice has been helpful can find out what else the business development department can do for them. For a company that is strongly vested in the success of others, this strategy makes perfect sense.

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