Business Consulting and Development Team to See Greater Success as Latin American Cargo Achieves NVOCC Status



04, August 2014

Latin American Cargo has been running a Business Consulting and Development team for anyone wishing to have more involvement in the high-opportunity areas in Latin America. This team supports new ventures as well as aids in long-term and ongoing efforts to make Latin America a key aspect in a business plan. After receiving NVOCC status in the United States, it is expected that their consulting team will have even more attention.

Latin American Cargo (LAC) obtaining a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) status in the United States has made their business prospects rise greatly with their new-found powers and the interest it has generated. Another facet of their company benefiting from this news is their Business Consulting and Development team.

Latin American Cargo is a shipping and freighting company specializing in trade throughout Latin and North America. It can be difficult for Canadian and American businesses to become involved in new markets, and LAC knows this. Their Business Consulting and Development team is responsible for giving support and tools for those companies looking to enter the Latin American market for the first time, or deepen their existing ties in areas of Latin America like doing business With Mexico for example.

The new NVOCC status allows more freedom to LAC to bring their clients’ and partners’ goods where they need to go. This includes increases in liability, making LAC more responsible for any given shipment, and the ability to issue their own personal bills if lading.

With more areas in their control, their business experience will increase even more, and their Business Consulting and Development team stands to benefit from it. LAC also now has better negotiating power with the world famous Steamship Lines. This will particularly benefit Canadian companies operating with some of their goods in the U.S.. This added experience will give even more into the hands of clients looking to have their businesses aided by LAC in shipping and in consulting.

LAC has been working hard to tear down the boundaries for businesses that prevent them from doing their best. To make shipping and business expansion easier than ever is what Latin American Cargo aims to do. Their new capabilities and the development team benefiting from it are two examples of how LAC is turning their ideals into reality.

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