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15, May 2017

Are you currently shipping vehicles to Mexico, Central America, South America or the Caribbean? You need an all-encompassing service that offers fast, safe, reliable ro-ro shipping solutions to remove the guess-work and uncertainty when transporting your vehicles overseas. LAC (Latin American Cargo) is the biggest and best RO/RO shipping service provider in the industry.

We have been providing specialized cargo shipping services and freight solutions for over 20 years. Our company’s success comes from both, our solid understanding of international markets and our specialized approach. With an extensive global network and an extensive global network that operates the largest Roll On/Roll Off (RO/RO) fleet worldwide, we are in the strongest position to offer an efficient and reliable service to our customers. In addition, our carriers are extremely focused on minimising their impact on the environment and have adopted a variety of new energy efficient technologies onboard their vessels.

RORO Cargo service types

We provide safe and reliable transportation for many types of RO/RO cargo including:

  • Cars
  • Plant equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Specialty cargo such as boilers, transformers and yachts


What our network of carriers has to offer?

Vessel Fleet

A huge fleet of RO/RO vessels that can carry thousands of cars per year around the world. These vessels are highly flexible and can be reconfigured depending on your needs; they are capable of transporting up to 7,500 standard cars. The main deck and ramp are engineered with sufficient strength to handle heavy-duty cargo up to 200 tonnes with a height of 6.3m.

Vessel Safety & Damage Prevention

Our Carrier’s technical teams always ensure the highest standards are maintained during cargo operations both onboard the vessel and ashore on the terminal. This network of top of the line Carriers have all required standards and certifications, such as:

  • NAV9000 Vessel Audit System – maritime leading procedures
  • Approved ISO9001 – world class management performance
  • Approved ISO14001 – adhering to global environmental standards
  • Global Safety Promotion System / Emergency Response Network
  • Cargo Handling Manual – ensuring 99.9% cargo damage free
  • Safety Cargo Work Promotion Committee
  • STARS (Shipboard Training and Assessment Record System) – enabling continuous remote learning

New Environmental Technologies

LAC’s carriers have a clear roadmap to technical innovation. Recent innovative progress on RO/RO vessels includes:

  • Zero emission ships with a 69% reduction in C02 emissions compared to twenty years earlier.
  • Solar power & storage batteries to cut fossil fuel power requirements
  • Ballast water management system to protect biodiversity
  • Low sulphur fuel oil to reduce particulate emissions
  • Energy saving fluorescent lighting system to cut power needs

Clearly the largest, well-established, progressive and reliable network in the business. Why look anywhere else? Welcome to the LAC family.

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