Heavy Cargo Shipping To Ecuador | A How-To Guide

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Updated: January 17, 2022

Ecuador has different logistic laws and prohibitions when it comes to shipping, which is exactly why you should check these in advance. If you’re planning to ship heavy cargo to Ecuador, it is crucial to check the import and export regulations as well. You’ll also find out that shipping can be very expensive, so you should figure out the numbers in detail beforehand.

Ecuador has imposed tariff and non-tariff restrictions on trade in goods, having different rates depending on the shipment. You should have all of these things in mind when planning to ship heavy cargo to Ecuador, and if you want to save yourself some time, get in touch with our experts at Latin American Cargo. They’ll provide you with all of the necessary info and the best cargo shipping service thanks to their specialized approach. Here is some important information to know when shipping to Ecuador:

  • Shipping heavy cargo to Ecuador requires planning
  •  Different shipping methods for heavy cargo
  • It’s best to choose a trusted freight forwarding company

Shipping Heavy Cargo To Ecuador Requires Planning

Since heavy items cannot be shipped in regular containers, their transportation needs to be planned in detail. This is a job for a trusted freight company that has experience in organizing the shipping of oversized cargo. Latin American Cargo offers professional organization of heavy cargo shipping, ensuring that your shipment arrives in Ecuador without any damage. You won’t have to worry about spending more money on tariffs, stand-by fees, or other unexpected expenses. Seamless and reliable transportation is guaranteed by any means.

Different shipping methods for heavy cargo

Heavy cargo shipment includes items that cannot fit in the regular size containers and therefore, need other solutions for their transportation. One of the best choices would be flat-rack containers as well as open-top containers. The cargo will be covered and protected from damage during transportation. Another way to ship heavy cargo to Ecuador is the roll-on/roll-off service. Latin American Cargo can provide safe and fast RORO services to Ecuador, to ship any type of heavy machinery. This method is cost-effective and simple. It’s used for all types of cargo on wheels that are rolled on top of the shipping vessel below deck.

It’s best to choose a trusted freight forwarding company

Save yourself the trouble of researching Ecuador’s shipping regulations. Simply contact Latin American Cargo and our team of professionals will make sure to give you all the valuable information concerning heavy cargo shipping. We are offering services under the name ‘Project Cargo’ that include exporting heavy and oversized units. The ‘Breakbulk Cargo’ includes shipping of dismantled parts of one unit, that is, of putting smaller parts into several containers. When it comes to heavy cargo shipping LAC has the required expertise to offer a guaranteed and reliable service


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