Latin American Cargo is proud to offer you its Project Cargo logistics services, now available for shipments to and from Latin America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. This expansion revolutionizes the freight and transportation needs of our clientele with fast, reliable, and safe shipping of their oversized equipment, machinery, and other valuable freight. All this with the same professionalism and attention to detail as all of LAC’s previous service categories.
We employ a team of project cargo logistics experts, always at the ready to assist with the arrangement and execution of oversized loads. They ensure the highest levels of efficiency, security and reliability for all of your projects.


Defining “Project Cargo”

Project cargo is a general term for the international transportation of extra large, heavyweight, or irregularly-shaped work machinery, specialized vehicles, and equipment. Sometimes known as “Heavy-lift”, this can consist of various large units which require dismantling for transport, then assembly at point of destination.
Unlike regular shipments where all material can be loaded onto a truck or container, project cargo requires special design, planning, and method of transport. Not all logistics companies can handle these exceptional shipments, which require specialized skills, planning, and coordination within a solid risk management system. LAC’s specialized method also respects your budget, by avoiding unnecessary expenses for storage, stand-by fees, or extra duties/tariffs. Within the realm of Project Cargo come the terms “out-of-gauge” and “breakbulk cargo”.

Understanding Out-of-gauge Cargo

Out-of-gauge Cargo (OOG) is any shipment that surpasses the maximum dimensions of a standard container in length, width, or height. Instead, this freight can be securely transported with special types of trucks, trailers, aircraft, flat-racks, platforms, or open-top containers. Ask us about the following alternatives for shipping OOG:
• Flat-rack and Open-Top Containers: When going by sea, oversized or irregular freight can be loaded onto flat-rack or open-top containers specialized in OOG. These are open at the top or sides, so the cargo can be lifted in, then covered for protection.
• Flat Bed, Winch Truck, Hiab Truck, and Heavy-Haul Trucking: LAC’s extensive network in trucking facilitates heavy-haul ground transport to all areas of Canada, USA and Mexico.
• Cargo Planes and Charter Flights: When it needs to go by air, large and irregular-shaped machinery are a snap with LAC’s extensive resources. Our network sources large or specialized cargo planes to do the job. When a charter flight is needed, LAC will arrange the right plane to fit your cargo and your timelines.

Understanding Breakbulk Cargo

Shipping in containers is still the most economical alternative for freight forwarding by sea. What to do when the material does not fit into standard containers? Sometimes it’s even too hefty to be carried on a single flat-rack or platform. The solution is breakbulk cargo shipping.
Breakbulk cargo transportation entails dismantling large units into smaller –more manageable-- ones, to be fit into drums, boxes, barrels, pallets, or loaded across several flat-racks. It had been the most popular method of ocean cargo transport before the dawn of large container ships. Although it involves more labour than Full Container Load and Less than Container Load shipping, it usually remains the best choice when the items are too big, heavy, or irregularly-shaped to fit inside standard containers. Also in the case where the goods are going to a lesser-developed port that can’t take large container ships.

When and How it’s Useful

Breakbulk cargo shipping is still commonly used more frequently than you might think, particularly in extensive projects or fields that need to move bulky merchandise. These include large construction, oil and gas, energy, marine, and mining, among other industries. Merchandise typically transported using breakbulk might be lumber, raw metals, paper pulp, heavy machinery, power-generating and refinery equipment. Among the advantages of this shipping method:
• Permits heavy industry and power-generation companies to displace enormous equipment.
• Permits goods to enter lesser-developed ports.
• Keep goods separate (and organized) when they are best used that way at destination.


Depending on the exact parameters of the shipment, as well as destination, LAC can offer its clients an assortment of value-added services. These may include:

  • Customs clearance and documentation for Importing or Exporting.
  • Load and unload services.
  • Arrangement of police/inland transport notifications (when needed).
  • Load, lash and secure the cargo at port of origin (or nearby facility).
  • Stevedoring, port lashing and port storage facilities.
  • Inland collection and deliveries using various specialized equipment.*
  • Superior tracking and timing.
  • Cost-effective pricing.

*Specialized Equipment:

The on-site service teams we use are highly skilled and trained at length, with knowledge specific to each destination. We have the support for oversized cargo necessitating specialized equipment (including platforms, flat-racks, and open top containers). Our broad arsenal of specialized equipment allows for the transportation of large, heavy and irregularly shaped cargo.

Why Use LAC for Your Project Cargo?

No matter where your freight is going, our team takes a tailored approach to managing every consignment. This includes the planning and engineering of all required logistics, in detail. Excellent working relationships with liners and breakbulk operators allow LAC to provide our client with top-notch service. What sets us apart?
1. Operational Team Expertise.
2. Site inspection and project planning.
3. Route surveys and selection of reliable carriers.
4. Track and trace with en-route reporting.
5. Customs clearance.
6. Final stage delivery with closing report.

Our Promise to You

Latin American Cargo has been providing specialized cargo shipping services and freight solutions to a variety of industries for over 20 years. Our philosophy of excellence places us among the very best helping exporters and importers currently shipping to North America, Latin and Central America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world.
Our company’s success comes from an unmatched familiarity with these local markets and our specialized approach. Every member of the Latin American Cargo team is dedicated to ensuring the seamless and safe transportation of our customers’ freight with one thing in mind: total customer satisfaction.
Overseeing project cargo shipments takes special knowledge, skills and access to resources. LAC boasts all of these, always coming through on extra-ordinary logistics challenges with our solid team of passionate experts. They leverage the best international networks and an in-depth understanding of different loads, ports, and customs laws.

Whether you’re planning on shipping to or from North America, Latin and Central America, or the Caribbean: Go LAC. We offer the best Project Cargo shipping solutions on the market!

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