Mexican Trade Shows: Latin American Cargo Shipping to Mexico More than Ever Before

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Updated: October 14, 2021

Latin American Cargo provides long and short term contracts for all types of shipments, and is currently getting ready for a busy season shipping to Mexico. The spring season brings with it many new Mexican trade shows which bring many new opportunities for those looking to enter new markets. This season is set up to be one of the largest ever for Latin American Cargo, with trade shows making up a large portion of the shipments scheduled.

Mexico is one of the best destinations for those seeking to participate in trade shows. Latin American Cargo (LAC) is catering to some of the largest numbers of companies they’ve seen going to show off their newest wares and technology. Companies use trade shows to promote their brand and product as well as make important connections locally and internationally. If your business or product is worth promoting, LAC is here to help you get there. Shipping to Mexico has never been easier, and Mexican trade shows have never been so promising.

Some of the biggest trade shows are those in the automotive and manufacturing industries. Starting the 6th of March is the Expo Manufactura, one of the worlds leading manufacturing trade shows. With hundreds of stalls featuring the latest technologies in aerospace, manufacturing, and automotive designs, this is just one of the many exclusive trade shows in Mexico. Clients that need to ship to Mexico for this trade show need specialty handlers for extra large, heavy, or delicate items.

Latin American Cargo began as a specialty company shipping to Mexico. It has since evolved to encompass all of Latin America and has even diversified its services. An offer even more aptly suited for those looking into attending trade shows is that of LAC’s Business Development. By offering consulting and planning services for businesses, the fears of attending a trade show for the first time disappear. Even for those who have attended before, LAC is a presence across many countries and has a staff specialized in helping clients expand into different markets and use the different tools available to them, trade shows included.

Mexican trade shows have been on the rise for years. Their diversity and number have been increasing to encompass large and small specialized industries alike. The Label Summit Latin America is one example of a very specialized trade show, encompassing over 50,000 potential purchasers. Companies are shipping to Mexico for mid-April to show their latest printing technologies and designs to over 700 delegates with purchasing power for large corporations.

Latin American Cargo has had the good fortune to be part of the growth of the Mexican industries, as well as those across Latin America. Specializing in the languages, cultures, and industries of Latin America has allowed LAC to develop the best business practices for success. LAC is on track to set a new personal record for the most shipments to trade shows, and with good reason. Diligence to customers and dedication to quality service have defined LAC for over a decade.

Shipping to Mexico for trade shows is nothing new for LAC. What is new is how many companies are looking to foreign markets to help increase the business potential. Mexican trade shows have given LAC a good start to the year, and could be the best place for other businesses to go for a little bit more success.

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