Do you need your wheels to ship to Panama? Does not matter whether it is a business or person need, a personal car or a Tractor, LAC can help you all the way. Our RORO shipping service is efficient as well as inexpensive and boasts a 100% safety reputation. We’ll get your wheels to follow you to Panama like a breeze.
If your work keeps you near to export and import activities, you probably know about RORO service already. When it comes to moving vehicles around the world safely and efficiently, RORO tops the competition. The service is able to handle all types of wheels from small units like cars to larger units such as industrial trucks. Size is no obstacle!

Port Manzanillo is the staple shipping destination for companies and individuals who want to get their cargo into Panama. The port has a reputation for being the best in Latin America and is strategically designed to facilitate RORO shipping. With access to the colon free zone, this port offers congestion free arrival and departure facilitated in an environment that makes movement and business transactions easy. The colon free zone comprises 5 ocean ports, six airports and a large number of banks and other business entities. With the blessing of RORO you can get your self propelled vehicles and even your static cargo to the Port of Manzanillo.


What Makes LAC The Perfect Fit for Your Vehicle Transporting Needs?

LAC has a lot more to offer with RORO service via a fleet of specialized ships. Our years of experience in the field of transport industrial shipping along with our expertise in RORO transportation make us the perfect fit for your vehicle movement needs. We use carriers that are specially designed to allow fleets of vehicles to roll on and off their ocean carriers with ease so that they can get to their destination.
Your location will not impede our ability to transport your vehicle. Our professional services supersede those of the competition. Our affordable, reliable and efficient services are applicable to both static and construction grade cargo from various ports around the world.

Your Destination Unlocked

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your cargo when you ship with us via RORO. Port manzanillo is strategically designed and equipped to handle RORO vehicle arrivals allowing our team to safely and efficiently handle your wheeled cargo. Our team is highly skilled and experienced which means they can process even the most complicated transaction.

Settling the RORO vs. LOLO Debate

The option outside of RORO is LOLO which means lift on/lift off and it is facilitated by special mechanisms on the carriers a well as cranes at the port that handle the lifting. The vehicle is lifted off the carrier onto the port and is lifted back onto the carrier for departure. Although LOLO is usually less expensive than RORO it is also much slower and comes with hidden fees and complications which may lengthen processing time. When the two are compared, RORO emerges as the superior option being more efficient and reliable, two factors that are always crucial for business travelers who cannot afford to gamble with time.

Choose LAC: Your best logistics partner when doing RORO Shipping to Panama

A simple consultation with our Logistics Pros will advise you on the availability of RORO shipping to the destinations of your choice and ensure you are utilizing the best method, taking into consideration all factors for safest, most convenient, and economical option.
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