Ship Cars to Guatemala

If your business requires the movement of vehicles and is international in nature, you need LAC’s optin for RORO shipping to Guatemala. Ports like Guatemala’s Santo Tomas de Castilla have LAC teams ready to handle your cargo movement needs. And because our customers’ needs are our greatest priority, reliability and affordability are the hallmarks of our Guatemala based services.
As a player in the heavy-duty equipment business, you are probably already aware that RORO, which is an abbreviation for roll-on/roll-off, offers the most reliable way to transport a vehicle across the seas and oceans. RORO experts are able to handle vehicles of all sizes whether they are a small as personal cars or as large as industrial vehicles. Once your cargo has wheels LAC RORO division can get it moved for you.

Since Santo Tomas de Castilla replaced its twin port, Puerto barrios a Guatemala’s major international shipping point in 1976, the port has grown into an immense hub of business activity. This port is one of Guatemala’s four RORO equipped reception and departure points but unlike its counterparts, it has a number of other facilities that make it the ideal location for the delivery of your wheels. These features include the availability of bunkers, and the modern state of the art fittings to facilitate the transition to and from the vessels.

RORO Shipping

Why LAC is the Right Fit for Your Shipping Needs

If your desire is efficiency and reliability then undoubtedly LAC is the company you need. Not only are our vessels strategically outfitted with the ideal equipment for RORO transportation, but also our team is highly skilled and experienced. They have extensive expertise in handling the most complicated projects allowing you to benefit from a smooth delivery.
The departure port of your unit does not matter (our services extend to ports around the world), neither does the size and type of wheels you are moving. Our services remain professional and effective with both static and self propelled cargo.

Reach your Destination Without a Hitch

LAC’s Guatemala operations capitalize on the ideal location of Santo Tomas de Costilla to ensure the best use of the available infrastructure (such as an ample berth along with a causeway that links the carrier with the port) to provide you with world-class wheeled equipment movement. Because our team is quite proficient in handling the most complicated RORO shipments you can relax knowing that your units will arrive in Guatemala glitch free.

RORO or LOLO? How to Choose

LOLO which means lift-on/lift-off, the alternative to RORO. The alternative to RORO often emerges when people consider cross water shipment of vehicles. RORO and LOLO both are the good options though RORO is more preferable when your cargo is big in size and you are looking for a reasonable pricing. In addition to that many businesses, operators are simply uncomfortable with the thought of their investment being lifted off the carrier by a crane and then deposited on the port. RORO is clearly the service of choice for efficient and reliable wheeled equipment port delivery’s.

Choose LAC: Your best logistics partner when doing RORO Shipping to Guatemala

A simple consultation with our RORO experts will advise you on the best solutions for car shipping to Guatemala and ensure you are utilizing the best method, taking into consideration all factors for safest, most convenient, and economical option.


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