How To Ship A Car To Chile?

If Chile is the destination point for your next international wheeled cargo, LAC has you covered with an effective and efficient RORO shipping to Chile’s top four ports. LAC's RORO service to Chile is a safe, reliable and cost-effective option.
As a player in the large cargo industry, you are likely already aware of the fact that RORO means roll-on/roll-off and that it beats its competitors in terms of speed efficiency and reliability. Through the RORO method, you can move a small or large vehicle from one port to another regardless of the locations of the departure and destination ports. These four ports in Chile are the ideal points for the receipt of a large variety of cargo, especially large vehicles. Two of these ports rank in the top 20 of the United Nation’s busiest ports in the world as declared in 2012. Naturally, they are the ideal spots for your RORO service to terminate.

shipping a car to chile

LAC The Best Car Shipping Company For Your Vehicle Transportation Needs To Chile

LAC is a leader in the field of cutting edge RORO services. We stand in the gap between our clients and the carriers that transport their vehicles relieving them of the hassle that comes along with international shipping. The fleets we engage are specially designed to enable all sizes of vehicles to roll on and off the port. Additionally, our associates on the grounds at the ports are highly trained and experienced to handle all types and sizes of shipments, especially RORO transactions. Your location is never too far out of our reach as our services extend to ports around the world. With LAC’s RORO shipping, you can move lightweight and heavyweight vehicles into Chile smoothly whether the port of origin is in Atlanta, Montreal or New Jersey.

RORO Terminals in Chile

Chile's main ports of SAN ANTONIO, VALPARAISO, IQUIQUE and ARICA receive all types of cargo from varying ports around the world. With services to these four RORO terminals, LAC stands ready to offer you top class service as you move your car, mechanized crane, truck or tractor into Chile. Because we only work with the best logistics team, you can rest assured that your unit will get into Chile glitch free.

RORO or LOLO, Which Should You Use?

You are probably aware of one of RORO’s predecessors LOLO, which means lift off/lift on. The operative word for LOLO is lift, meaning the unit is lifted on and off the port. Unlike older services like LOLO, RORO requires less effort and expense. Your car’s battery can remain intact for example, but it must be removed for other international shipping options. All you need to do is to remember to ensure that the tank has a little fuel to allow it to drive on and off the port. RORO is ultimately the most cost effective method to ship your vehicle. With other methods you may face delays and be surprised by unexpected costs. It is clear to see that RORO is the superior service of them all and LAC is eager to show you how RORO, done right, can roll the international aspect of your business into a bright future.


A simple consultation with our RORO experts will advise you on the best solutions to ship vehicles to Chile and ensure you are utilizing the best method, taking into consideration all factors for safest, most convenient, and economical option.


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