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  • Sunday 25, May 2014

Trade shows in Mexico and all over Latin America are very popular and on the rise. Many of the largest businesses in a variety of sectors use them as a chance to promote their company, products or services. Breaking into new markets may be difficult, but companies like Latin American Cargo has the expertise, specialization and tools to help.

Trade shows attract people from all over the world to participate, bringing people with similar interests and goals together. These events require timeliness and professionalism to prepare and set up on time. Latin American Cargo (LAC) has been working closely with companies deeply invested in a variety of trade shows across North and Latin America. Because of this they have built their company around several key ideas to help those wishing to participate in one of the many trade shows that happen every year.

As participation in Trade Shows rise, companies are looking at a larger target audience and more potential clients and customers. One of the largest Automotive trade shows, The Paace Automechanika Mexico, is set for the 13th, 14th and 15th of July this year. It hosts over 500 Exhibitors and usually brings over 30,000 visitors from all over the world. This is just one of many trade show opportunities available within Latin America for companies to use throughout the summer, with Brazil among others hosting many different shows as well.

What Latin American Cargo uses most to their advantage to help their partners succeed in trade shows is Specialization. Their specialization with Latin American markets is deeply rooted into how they do business. Mexico hosts some of the largest trade shows and exhibitions for several different industries. Latin American Cargo is familiar with all the different locations these events are held and know the best way to get goods there on time and safely.

Secondly, LAC has a dedicated freighting service to and from Mexico. This service is one of the founding aspects of LAC. The usefulness of having a dedicated service to a specific country shows itself in specialization and in knowing your destinations thoroughly. Knowing the importance of trade shows LAC takes care to make sure the goods being shipped are handled with care and respect.

Another aspect that is important for those shipping goods to or from Latin America for trade shows is insurance. No matter how much diligence and care is given to a shipment, sometimes cargo can be damaged in transit. In cases like this it is important to have insurance. This is especially true when shipping to Mexico because the cargo liability offered in the Mexican territory is very minimal. As an example, the Mexican carrier`s maximum liability per each 1000 kilos transported is the equivalent to the minimum salary paid for fifteen days of work in Mexico. This formula begins to be applied to shipments weighing 200 kilos and more. For shipments weighing less than 200 kilos the maximum liability is the equivalent to the minimum salary paid for four days of work in Mexico.

Finally, for companies wishing to step into trade shows for the first time it may seem like a daunting task. Latin American Cargo not only has decades of experience with many of the trade shows, but their Business Consulting department specializes in helping new, established or growing businesses venture into any aspect of the Latin American market. By having a hand to guide or improve plans to enter into trade shows can make all the difference between a good job and an incredible success.

Trade shows are an excellent way for any company to promote their latest innovations or their excellent quality goods and as a result increasing business which is the ultimate goal. Having a reliable carrier to get your goods there on time is critical in the process. Latin American cargo has decades of experience in Mexico and throughout Latin America, with many clients shipping to and from a variety of trade shows. Their goal is to use that specialized experience to bring the best possible services to their clients and help make sure trade shows receive their shipments intact and on time.

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