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  • Thursday 15, May 2014

Shipping company Latin American Cargo goes above and beyond to make sure clients have a successful business. Through expertise in their field, Latin American Cargo’s Business Development team has expanded their presence in Peru, helping their clients access the growing Latin American Market.

International trade is becoming a necessary reality for more and more companies. Local markets can only go so far in allowing a business to succeed. Shipping abroad can give a company a much larger target market,  Latin America is full of economies on the rise and Latin American Cargo’s (LAC) Business Development team has been expanding their network. Peru is one of the locations where clients have successfully been expanding their business thanks to the help of LAC expertise.

Peru has been experiencing significant resilience in its economy given the difficulties that the last few years have brought the world. With local people being able to buy more now than ever, and industries doing well, there is much room for goods to flow in or out of the country. Latin American Cargo’s Business Development branch has recently helped establish several companies in Lima, Peru’s capital.

To establish a company in another country, more than just shipping routes are needed. Latin American Cargo has warehouses and road networks, but their real focus is on culture and language. By being familiar with the language. business practices, distributors and local merchants, a company can quickly get a hold on what this new area is like. As they say knowing is half the battle, and being able to use the specialization of Latin American Cargo, this process proceeds much faster.

While there are success stories of the Business Development team, like for all clients, confidentiality is key so no names can be given. That being said, since the inception of the development team, companies have expanded and successfully grounded themselves in the Peruvian market, under the guidance of Latin American Cargo.

While initial help is usually the most popular, Latin American Cargo offers follow up or continual service, making sure that the client’s company is always doing the best it can be in a new environment. Peru is the most recent success hotspot for LAC clients, but places like Brazil and Mexico have been seeing more North American companies shipping to their cities.

Latin American Cargo is looking to advance their Business Development program even further as more successes come and as the demand for integrated services rises. The LAC website has further information on this program, with a price quote available for shipping as well as the other services offered.

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