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Exporting goods to Colombia from Canada, whether it is for the first time, or on a regular basis, can be a challenging experience. There are many elements to consider when shipping to a country such as Colombia.

If you are in Canada and not entirely familiar with the Latin American market, you should consider a cargo shipping company that knows the business culture, the language, the customs regulations and has a proven track record of success when it comes to freight shipping to Colombia.

Our Freight Shipping Services to Colombia From Canada

During the past 25 years, our specialized logistics and freight forwarding services by land, ocean, and air have helped various Canadian importers to succeed in the Latin American markets.
Using our expertise, our vast network of carriers, and extensive knowledge of the business culture, we give you the peace of mind you need to continue developing stronger relationships with your suppliers.

Sea Freight & Container Shipping to Colombia

Are you looking to ship cargo containers from Canada to Colombia? Our ocean transportation service from Canada to Colombia covers all the major ports: Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Halifax, Montreal, Quebec, and Saint John. We offer door-to-door, door-to-port and port-to-port transportation services from Canada to Colombia, depending on your specific needs.

With our door-to-door service you will be able to have your cargo delivered to different inland cities such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, and many others. Depending on the destination city, we will transport your cargo via the most convenient ports in Colombia such as Cartagena, Barranquilla, Buenaventura, Santa Marta, Bogotá, and Medellín.

The transit time to ship a container from Canada to Colombia is estimated between 25 to 50 days from port to port. The number of days will vary depending on the required service route and sailing schedule.

● Full Container Load – FCL Shipping

Full Container Load (FCL) shipping provided by Latin American Cargo is a secure and efficient method for transporting cargo between Canada and Colombia.

With FCL, the entire ocean container is filled with your merchandise, ensuring exclusive access and control over the packing and security of your goods. This method is considered one of the safest and most cost-effective ways to ship goods internationally.

FCL offers more control over shipping conditions and eliminates the need to share container space with other shipments. Our FCL ocean freight services give businesses the peace of mind that their goods are transported in a dedicated container, minimizing handling and reducing the risk of damage.

Our specialized service caters to the shipping needs of companies looking for reliable and controlled transportation for their cargo.

● Less than a Container Load – LCL Shipping

Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipping offered by Latin American Cargo is economical for transporting smaller cargo volumes. LCL is the way to go if you don’t have enough goods to fill an entire 20- or 40-foot ocean container.

LCL freight involves sharing container space with other customers shipping to the same destination, resulting in more affordable rates for shipping small quantities.

This method allows businesses to avoid the cost of shipping a full container while still benefiting from ocean freight services. LCL is particularly suitable for shipments that don’t require a dedicated container.

Our services provide a cost-effective option for businesses moving smaller cargo volumes from Canada to Colombia, enhancing flexibility and affordability in international shipping.

● RORO Shipping (Roll-On/Roll-Off)

Do you need to move heavy machinery, construction equipment, large vehicles, yachts or any other oversized cargo that does not fit into a standard shipping container? Our RORO Shipping Service from Canada to Colombia covers specialized equipment or vehicles such as cranes, skidders, dump trucks, generators, turbine blades or propellers. Our shipping experts have the required know-how to transport all these items and many more through RORO easily.

● Breakbulk & Project Cargo

Latin American Cargo offers fast, reliable breakbulk freight shipping services and project cargo logistics solutions. We safely transport your heavy-lift shipments and oversized cargo, such as machinery, mining equipment, out-of-gauge vehicles, and other valuable cargo from Canada directly to Colombia.

Our special division of Project Cargo shipping experts is ready to assess you and arrange the shipment of your oversized loads with the highest efficiency, security and reliability levels.

Sea Freight Container Shipping Services
Shipping by sea is one of the most reliable and cost-efficient ways to ship your cargo.

Air Freight Shipping to Colombia

We have developed a vast network of carriers that specialize in air cargo transportation, offering daily and weekly departures from Canada’s main airports to any air destination in the globe.

Our air freight service from Canada to Colombia provides safe and reliable solutions for all your air transportation needs, including time-sensitive and high-value commodities. Our shipping options include airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door and door-to-airport services, among others.

When shipping by air, our team of experts offers the most cost-effective solutions and the fastest routes available. We take care of your shipments from beginning to end, overseeing every stage in the logistics chain, from the moment your cargo is picked up until it gets delivered to its destination.

Depending on the shipping route chosen, the average transit time for air cargo from Canada to Colombia is usually 3 to 7 days. This could vary in times when there is a high volume of cargo moving due to a higher demand in the market.

● Air Cargo Charter Service

Air cargo charter is the perfect solution when all other air cargo transportation alternatives cannot meet your required schedules or space capacity needs. Cargo chartering allows your goods to be transported quickly and cost-efficiently from any point in Canada to Colombia.

Latin American Cargo’s Charter Services give you peace of mind when handling your freight exports from Canada to Colombia. 

Some of the commodities we ship by charter include:

  • Regular commercial cargo
  • High-value commodities
  • Sensitive cargo such as hazardous, fresh, or perishable goods
  • Time-critical freight
  • Medical supply & humanitarian relief aid
  • Heavy load & oversized equipment
  • Car, Aircraft and ship spare parts

Our part charter and full charter options range from 10.000 lbs (5.000 kgs) to 45.000 lbs (22.000 kgs), loadable in pallets, skids, crates or simply bulk.

Air Freight and Air Cargo Charter Shipping Services
Shipping by air can be a good option when you need faster transit times.

Import and Custom Particulars

If you are shipping merchandise to Colombia by land, sea or air for the first time, guidance and support will surely be needed, as there are guidelines, prohibitions and restrictions to consider.

What Paperwork is Needed for International Shipments to Colombia?

Documentation requirements vary depending on the category of goods being shipped and can get quite extensive. They usually include a Commercial invoice, Bill of lading / Air waybill, Packing list, Insurance certificate, and Certificate of Origin (if required). To avoid delays or hassles when shipping to Colombia, your packing list must be as detailed as possible. Vague wording like “miscellaneous” attracts negative attention and further inspections.

What Are the Regulations and Restrictions When Importing From Canada?

Regulations can be strict on certain categories of goods being imported to Colombia. Prior authorization or special permits may be needed for certain items, such as agricultural products, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or antiques. Prohibited commodities include certain used vehicles, used clothing and accessories, used tires, certainly used machinery and all types of toxic wastes or dangerous residues.

Duties and tariffs are usually based on the total value of the shipment in question, and depending on how well-documented the cargo is, those values could be determined by the judgment of Customs Officials on the spot.

Shipping cargo to Colombia is easier with LAC as we have overcome these obstacles many times and have developed a thorough understanding of the customs procedures.

Customs Clearance Services
Understanding the Export Process and its customs procedure is essential.

Ship from Canada to key ports and cities in Colombia

Canada is the second-largest supplier of goods to Colombia and a land of opportunities for North American exporters. Whether it is a one-time deal or as part of your ongoing requirements, shipping cargo from Canada to Colombia can be a challenging experience.

We provide you with all the experience and necessary tools to import from Canada headache-free and offer the most flexible door-to-door service in the industry:

Our shipping services cater to all the major cities in Colombia. Ship by SEA or AIR from Canada to:

Let us be your reliable partner in bridging the distance between Canada and Colombia.

Canada – Colombia Main Commercial Shipping Hubs

Navigating through the intricate global trade network requires an understanding of key logistics centers, and we’re here to provide you with essential insights. Below, you’ll find a map highlighting the vital nodes in Canada and Colombia, which are crucial for efficient freight shipping operations.

Explore the map and discover the strategic locations shaping the movement of goods in these dynamic markets.

Click on the image to enlarge

Canada’s main loading ports (POL) and Colombia’s main ports of discharge (POD)

Main POLMain PODMain POLMain POD
VancouverCartagenaVancouver (YVR)Bogota (BOG)
Prince RupertBarranquillaToronto (YYZ)Medellin (MDE)
HalifaxBuenaventuraMontreal (YUL)Barranquilla (BAQ)
MontrealSanta MartaCalgary (YYC)
QuebecBogotaEdmonton (YEG)
Saint JohnMedellinWinnipeg (YWG)
Ottawa (YOW)
Quebec City (YQB)
POL: Loading Ports / POD: Ports of Discharge

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