Latin American Cargo ships a wide range of equipment and products for the agricultural industry throughout North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and other destinations worldwide.

The agriculture industry is an integral part of a growing Latin American economy. To stay ahead in the highly competitive agricultural sector, you need the reliable international shipping services from Latin American Cargo (LAC) to guarantee cost-effective delivery of the important agricultural machinery used for the success of your business.

Timing is critical in the agricultural industry and you cannot afford to be without crucial equipment during the planting or harvesting season. At LAC, we understand the logistical challenges faced by the Latin American agricultural industry. Talented shipping professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your essential agricultural equipment and machinery is delivered safely and on time.

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Over 20 Years of International Shipping Experience for the Agricultural Industry

LAC has been providing specialized cargo shipping services and freight forwarding solutions to the agricultural industry throughout North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, for over two decades. A dedicated team of logistics specialists facilitate fast, reliable, and safe shipping of oversized agricultural equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

International agricultural shipping is often complicated by the specific transportation rules and customs of the various countries you may be shipping cargo to and from. Years of practical experience in the international shipping business has given LAC a comprehensive understanding of the country’s politics and culture, and an in-depth knowledge of applicable laws and regulations related to shipping agricultural cargo throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

The international shipping services needed for the agriculture industry require detailed, specialized planning and transportation processes that only an experienced international shipping professional can provide. LAC has the knowledge and global network to plan every detail with the necessary care and precision and fulfil all your agricultural transportation needs.

What do we ship for the agricultural industry?

We help agricultural companies to transport their equipment, materials and agricultural products between the US, Canada and Latin American countries like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Costa Rica.

LAC ships common heavy equipment, large vehicles, and other materials used in the agriculture and farming industry including balers, combine harvesters, silos, sprayers, tractors, trailers and trucks. We also move any kind of material used in their production process, like chemical or organic fertilizers, poultry feeders and animal fodder.

We accommodate a wide variety of shipping solutions for the transportation of agricultural products, such as cereals and oil seeds (corn, wheat, soybeans), cotton, coffee, tea, cocoa, fruits and vegetables (avocados, blueberries, pineapple, bananas), spices, forest products (wood, paper, rubber, tobacco), raw beet or cane sugar.

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Ship coffee beans and cacao internationally

Why consider Latin American Cargo shipping services for your Agriculture Company

The benefits and features of LAC’s wide range of international shipping and logistics services for the agricultural industry include:

  • FCL (Full Container Load):  Filling a complete ocean container with your agricultural equipment or products, giving you more control over the packing and security of your cargo.

  • LCL (Less than a Container Load): Share an ocean transportation container with others to ship smaller volumes of cargo at more affordable rates. 

  • RORO (Roll On/Roll Off): Our simplest and cheapest method for shipping agricultural vehicles of all sizes and types overseas, driven directly onto the vessel.

  • Project Cargo: Ship overseas over dimensional or heavy cargo material, using our break bulk and bulk cargo multimodal transportation services.

  • Reefer Transportation: Temperature-controlled transportation using refrigerated shipping containers to transport your perishable fruits and vegetables cargo by ground or by sea.

  • FTL (Full Truckload Shipping): Ground cargo shipping throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico filling a whole trailer.

  • LTL (Less than Truckload Shipping): Shipping smaller volumes of cargo throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico by ground, sharing a trailer with other customers.

  • Overdimensional Ground Services: The right solution for transporting over dimensional and overweight loads including large vehicles, extremely heavy machinery and high, wide and heavy-haul shipments throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico.

  • Air Transportation: The fastest way to ship your perishable products with our reliable and secure air freight services, offering daily flights and weekly consolidations. 

  • Tracking Management: We track your shipment throughout the shipping journey so you know where your cargo is at all times, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

  • Specialized Services: Our team of experienced international shipping professionals specializes in freight forwarding services and critical logistics management.

  • Customer Support: A support team dedicated to getting your cargo delivered on time. 

Choose LAC your best logistics partner when it comes to Agricultural equipment, farming vehicles and agricultural products

At Latin American Cargo, we understand that your agricultural products need extra care to arrive on time and in perfect condition. We know that if your agricultural machinery and equipment does not arrive on time it will jeopardize the success of your entire planting or harvesting operations. That is why we specialize in agricultural equipment and products transportation with a dedicated team that is committed to providing affordable, reliable logistics shipping services.