Does your next business engagement include the transportation of wheeled cargo? You need two main things to facilitate this: A specialized company in RORO Shipping to Peru and a dedicated TEAM with only one thing in mind: total customer satisfaction, LAC offers both. We’ll ensure that your wheels arrive in Peru safely without burdening your pockets.

As a practitioner in the field of industrial equipment and vehicle trading, you are probably already familiar with RORO or roll-on/roll-off as a method of delivering vehicles from one port to another. And you probably already know as well that RORO is the safest and most efficient way to get this done regardless of the size of the unit.
Port Callao is Peru’s primary port for international and large-scale shipping transactions. As a result, it is the port of choice for moving vehicles and equipment of all sizes from international ports into Peru. With Facilities such as bunkers, dry dock, towage, and RORO infrastructure Port Callao already has a reputation for heavy-duty shipments as it handles most of the industrially related cargo that enters Peru.

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What Makes LAC Ideal for your Vehicle Shipping Needs?

Years of expertise coupled with a strong network of specialized ships designed to facilitate RORO deliveries make LAC the best option for you to facilitate the movement of any size and type of wheeled unit into Peru. The carriers in our network are designed to facilitate smooth and driving on and off the vessel to ensure that your vehicle arrives damage free. Complicated shipments are easily handled by our team of efficient and highly trained staff to ensure that you experience no glitches as you wait for the arrival of your unit.
Your destination point and point of origin will not affect our ability to offer you high-quality efficient service. You will experience service whether you are moving static or wheeled cargo from Atlanta, New Jersey or Montreal.

Destination Accessed- The RORO Way

Our access to a logistically superior port gives us the edge when it comes to receiving and sending vehicles through Port Callao. Whether you are moving an oversized crane or a small car we will get your delivery safely onto the port via RORO, so that the Peru end of your business can go ahead as planned.


The option that existed before RORO (and today exists alongside RORO) is LOLO which means lift on/ lift off. To facilitate LOLO, Vessels are equipped with cranes to enable the grasping and lifting of vehicles from the vessel onto the port. Unlike RORO though, LOLO can be unpredictable at times which means that the arrival time for you cargo may not be what you anticipated and your costs may also increase.
There is no doubt about it. RORO is the option to choose if expedience and simplicity in costs and procedures are your primary objectives.

Choose LAC: Your best logistics partner when doing RORO Shipping to Peru

A simple consultation with our RORO experts will advise you on the the best solutions for car shipping to Peru and ensure you are utilizing the best method, taking into consideration all factors for safest, most convenient, and economical option.


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