LAC has what you need. Our Honduras bound RORO shipping services are available from ports all around the world including locations such as the USA and Canada.

If your business requires to ship some wheels to Honduras, you may consider RORO as the option on top of containers. The reason is, RORO is compatible for moving any size of cargo on wheels, starting from tractor, bus, truck to your personal car. RORO has become a standard shipping option for those who buy and sell vehicles as well as construction equipment and mining equipment. LAC’s with its RORO service offers the best option to facilitate the movement of all types of vehicles to Honduras from ports around the globe. Our service is both efficient and cost-effective.

RORO is a vessel based shipment method. It is one of the most preferable options for transporting vehicles from around the world to Honduras. All wheeled vehicles, inclusive of lighter ones such a cars and heavy-duty ones such as construction grade equipment can be transported the RORO way. The most popular Honduras port for this type of transportation is Puerto Cortes. Puerto Cortes is the perfect receiving point for your wheeled cargo, being the largest seaport in Central America with a traffic volume that exceeds all others in the region.

RORO Shipping to Honduras

Why LAC is the Perfect Fit for your Vehicle Shipping Needs

LAC offers a fleet of specialized ships which is complemented by expert team members who specialize in RORO operations. Each LAC carrier is equipped with features that allow vehicles to drive on and off smoothly in making the transition to and from the new location. Our RORO service is accessible to you regardless of the location from which you are shipping your vehicle as our reliable and efficient service spans the globe.

Access in your Destination of Choice

LAC eliminates all encumbrances that stands in the way of your mobility upon arrival in Honduras. Puerto Cortes is strategically positioned and equipped to facilitate the arrival and departure of RORO delivered vehicles. We can receive any size vehicle from a car to an oversized mechanized crane and because our processes are informed by the latest industry practices and cutting-edge technology you can rest assured that your vehicle will arrive glitch free.

Should Pick RORO or LOLO?

LOLO (which means lift on /lift off) is the alternative to RORO. LOLO vessels are equipped with cranes that assist in the lifting (for on-loading and offloading purposes) of a vehicle. While at face value it is usually cheaper than RORO, LOLO is much more time consuming and customers can be caught off-guard by hidden fees and the unpredictability of arrival time. RORO is clearly the superior choice when all these factors are taken into consideration.

Choose LAC: Your best logistics partner when doing RORO Shipping to Honduras

A simple consultation with our RORO experts will advise you on the the best solutions for car shipping to Honduras and ensure you are utilizing the best method, taking into consideration all factors for safest, most convenient, and economical option.


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