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  • Monday 24, March 2014

Latin American Cargo is continuing their video series designed to help inform and keep their clients up to date. This most recent video is geared towards freighting insurance as well as differing costs for different countries in Latin America. With multimedia playing a larger and larger role in the way information is distributed, companies need to keep up with the latest means of conveying their message to customers, clients and partners. The ongoing video series by Latin American Cargo is connecting clients to valuable information in a compact and easy to access format. Their latest efforts to educate their clients and partners on transportation is a brief introduction to specific aspects of cargo insurance which should be known to make the most of any freighting operation. Latin American Cargo began this movement towards better information for their clients early in the spring of 2011.

Previous topics have included incoterms, internationally used terms and acronyms, as well as introductory messages from the CEO and president of Latin American Cargo. These videos provide valuable information to anyone looking to have goods freighted, and even more so to those dealing with LAC directly. From a company standpoint, having better informed clients is invaluable. Miscommunication is costly, and having those who rely on your services know the limits of what you are allowed or not allowed to do spare both sides many headaches. By using videos, a company can empower their clientele and create a better environment for everyone involved.

This is not the only effort Latin America Cargo has been putting in to improve the access to information their clients have. More and more sections of their website are being added to, expanded and created, all for the sake of allowing a free flow of dialogue between LAC and their clients. And it truly is a dialogue, since upon visiting their website there are prompts to chat with a Latin American Cargo expert or get a quote on freighting costs. The video series is just one of many aspects being used to enhance client satisfaction and create a company culture around accessibility. It can be said that with the right tools almost anything can be accomplished. Latin American Cargo has been working to supply the tools customers and clients need to be smart and savvy concerning transportation and logistics. As LAC continues to put out more videos and expand their online presence, clients will continue to benefit.

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