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  • Saturday 04, February 2017

Every once in a while, a country can experience political and economic upheavals which slow the projected growth. Once an economy emerges in one piece form such turmoil, it experiences a resurgent rise to catch up on lost ground. In 2016, Brazil suffered this fate hindering what would have been a great year.

Resurgent Economy

Luckily, for investors seeking to penetrate this market, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released a positive outlook. The political problems the country experienced are now gone and economic analysts are seeing more activity in all sectors of the economy. If you are looking for new frontiers for your international business, it is time to start Shipping to Brazil.

To do this, you need to partner with a highly experienced cargo freight partner. These shipping experts guide you through the complexities of both land and land transportation logistics in this new market place. If you are wondering whether this is the right time to start operating in Brazil, consider these factors:

  1. Large spending power: Brazil is reputed for its spending power and in fact, Forbes ranked it fifth in the number of billionaires. Whatever product you are shipping to Brazil, there will be a ready market, especially now that the economy is projected to grow.
  2. Large economy: As the 9th largest global economy, you can bet there are myriad opportunities to grow your business. With the right cargo freight partner, you can easily make your mark and watch your investment grow.
  3. Diverse range of imports: There is a high demand for imports including drugs and medicine, crude oil, automotive, electronics, auto parts, liquid oils, and many more. You can consult with your cargo partner to identify the best products to help launch your operations in the Brazilian market.
  4. Regional economic powerhouse: You can use Brazil as the base of your Latin market operations because of the good infrastructure and lower taxes.

Leveraging Experience and Local Expertise

Now that you appreciate why this is a lucrative market, it is important to appreciate the need for specialized logistics services. For any international market, you need:

  • Experience in cargo handling and international legal requirements. This ensures your cargo reaches its destination without any delays. They know the best warehouses and this enhances the transit process.
  • Local expertise: By using a local cargo company, you will leverage their knowledge of the local industry, culture, language, business opportunities and other nuances that will affect your business.
  • Insurance: Using an established cargo company guarantees your cargo is safe during transit through insurance coverage.
    Comprehensive logistics: An established cargo service provides comprehensive logistics both on the sea and on land. You don’t have to travel to track your cargo because it will be delivered safely to your clients.
  • 24/7 availability: Like every business owner, you are apprehensive about the condition of your cargo and international cargo services provide round-the-clock customer support in case you have any queries.

Brazil is ripe for another resurgent run and if you are looking for an international market, you should be at the forefront in putting your money here by partnering with a reliable cargo company.

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