Panama has become one of the world’s top relocation destinations and Latin American Cargo (LAC) specializes in international moving to Panama with cost-efficient, stress-free processes.

What You Need to Know About Moving to Panama

Moving to Panama from the US or Canada offers perfect conditions for families looking to relocate, or retirees wishing to live out their golden years in an idyllic place. From simple urban households to sprawling beachfront homes, Panama is an attractive destination, luring expats seeking plenty of opportunities and a low-cost lifestyle.

The small Central American country has a rich history, diverse culture, and miles of spectacular coastline adjacent to a thriving modern cities like Panama City, San Miguelito, Tocumen, and David.

What items can LAC transport for your relocation to Panama

When moving from the USA or Canada to Panama you will want to transport as many of your personal belongings as possible to make your new home feel comfortable and welcoming.
LAC offers a wide range of long distance moving services to transport all your items in the safest, most secure, and cost-efficient way possible:

● Moving household goods overseas, such as furniture, electronics, home appliances or clothes
● Transporting personal effects, valuable artwork, and family heirlooms
● Cars and other vehicle shipping

What modes of transportation can LAC offer for your Moving to Panama from Canada and USA?

Panama’s proximity to the US and Canada allows us to offer options for Ocean Shipping to perform long distance moving at affordable rates.

Full Container Load, or FCL, is a method of intermodal or oceanic transportation that gives you exclusive access and control over your own shipping container. Because you are not sharing the space, you are fully in charge when it comes to the safety and the security of your personal belongings.

With our Less than Container service, you can share a container with other customers that are also shipping cargo to Panama. This will save you money, but you will need to make sure all your personal effects are safely and securely packaged to prevent any damage inside the container during the shipping journey.

What General Requirements and Shipping Documents will you need?

When shipping your belongings to Panama, you will need to be ready to supply documents with a list of all items being shipped. To avoid any delay or issues, make sure all the information that we will be declaring on your Bill of Lading is correct, including:

● Your full name
● Every detail regarding the personal belongings you are shipping with us
● The origin and destination ports
● Your complete and accurate address at origin and destination.

Do you have a vehicle to ship to Panama?

If you want to ship your vehicle, LAC has the best international shipping options.

If you are looking to ship just a car or other vehicle, you may consider our cost-efficient roll on/roll off service, depending on how close you are to a RORO shipping port.
RORO shipping to Panama works with ocean carriers designed to internationally ship all kinds of wheeled vehicles including: cars, trucks, vans, buses, as well as construction and agricultural equipment.

If you need to ship both your vehicle and your household goods (such as furniture, electronics, home appliances or clothes) then you should consider moving your car with the rest of your belongings in a 40 ft ocean container. This will be the most affordable and convenient shipping option that will keep all your personal effects, vehicles included, in the same transportation cluster.

Custom Regulations for moving to Panama

At LAC, we simplify the transport of all of your belongings, but when shipping items like explosives, fruits, silver, gold and artwork, you need to consider that there might be restrictions and regulations.

f you have any questions regarding the required documentation needed when moving to Panama, contact the Panamanian Consulate and Government travel offices in charge:

Choose LAC when moving to Panama

Our international relocation professionals at LAC will help you find the best solutions to move your most precious and expensive belongings to your new home.
We will guide you at every step of your move to Panama and answer all your questions. Please visit our blog to learn more about the following topics: how to pack personal effects, how to choose a container, how to move household goods, and how to move a car.


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