To help you out, our experts have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about international relocation and personnal effects shipping.


1. Can I ship my personal effects by air?

We only ship personal belongings by ocean. Our minimum requirement for personal effects shipments is at least a 20’ ocean container. If you are not certain if your cargo will fill up a 20’ container, please visit this link for more information

2. Can I ship my household goods by ground?

We only ship personal belongings by ocean. Our minimum requirement for personal effects shipments is at least a 20’ ocean container. If you are not certain if your cargo will fill up a 20’ container, please visit this link for more information

3. How much does it cost to ship personal effects by ocean container?

For a door to port service, the price for a 20’ Ocean container usually starts at $5900.00 USD and the price of a 40' container at $6900.00 USD.
However, there are lots of contributing factors to establish the complete cost when moving international belongings and shipping personal effects: the volume and types of goods you want to move, insurance coverage, your origin and destination country, the area you are moving to, any special items, the optional services (door delivery, pick up, customs clearance, etc. Click here to send us your quote request and we will be able to provide you with more details.

4. How long will it take for my household goods to arrive at final destination?

The transit time from port to port usually varies between 2-4 weeks depending on the origin, destination and service. Generally, a shorter transit time will result in higher freight costs.

5. Will I be able to track my shipment online?

Our team of professionals will be providing you with updates throughout the journey of your shipment so that you stay well informed of the status of your cargo. You may also input the booking number on the steamship line’s website for further online tracking.


6. What personal belongings am I allowed to ship? Are there any restrictions?

Each country has its own set of laws and regulations when it comes to foreigners moving and living there. Common household goods such as furniture, appliances, clothes, and other personal belongings are generally allowed to be shipped internationally.
Certain items such as liquor, cleaning products, live animals, medicine or food can be restricted. Most countries will also allow cars and motorcycles to be shipped, though, some have strict rules and regulations relating to the vehicle age, left hand drive or right-hand drive or if new or used. Before you arrange to ship your personal effects or vehicle, it is your responsibility to make sure that the goods you want to move are permitted by the country of destination.

7. How should our household goods be packed? Does Latin American Cargo offer a packing service?

We do not offer packing, loading or unloading services, our drivers will position the empty container at the requested address (as long as it is accessible) and it would be the responsibility of the owner of the goods to load the container. We would recommend that you hire a professional packing company in your region to assist you with the packing for your items and loading inside the container. Using strong boxes, bubble wrap, furniture covers, and other quality packing supplies to securely pack your belongings will help to ensure your belongings are transported efficiently and safely. It is imperative that all boxes are labeled to save time during the loading, unloading and customs process.

8. Do I need to load / unload the shipping container?

Loading and unloading the container yourself would be the most cost-effective operation; nevertheless, we could arrange for loading and unloading if needed.

9. How much time will I have to load or unload the shipping container?

The free time allowed to load the container is between 1-2 hours. There is a $100 USD fee for every extra hour after the free time period. If you would require 24-48 hours to load the container, we can offer a drop-load service which would double the pick up cost. The same concepts would apply when delivering the cargo at destination.


10. Can I ship my vehicle?

Yes, we can ship your vehicle internationally either by RORO service or inside of the ocean container. Keep in mind, before having your vehicle shipped internationally you may want to verify with a customs broker overseas that your vehicle can be imported into the country.

11. Am I able to load my vehicle with personal belongings?

If your vehicle is loaded inside an ocean container, you may use the additional space inside of the container and of the vehicle to load your personal items. All goods must be declared and fully disclosed on the packing list to avoid additional duties, taxes or penalties.
Also, your vehicle has to stay unlocked in case of any customs inspection. Personal items are not allowed to be loaded inside of vehicles that are booked under a RO-RO service.

12. What documents are required to ship my vehicle?

Before shipping your vehicle internationally, you will need to ensure there is no outstanding liens / loans to be paid. We would require original title, copy of the bill of sale and a copy of your passport to comply with the customs export formalities.

13. Can I travel on the same cargo vessel my vehicle travels on?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to travel on board the cargo vessel.

How to ship my personal effects and my vehicle


14. Do you offer insurance protection? How important is it?

Yes, we offer an additional insurance policy for international shipping. You must be aware that all transportation carriers have limitations in their liability, therefore we highly recommend insuring your cargo.
Even though you may have packed your cargo securely, sometimes, circumstances out of our control may cause damage to your shipment while in transit. Insurance prices will depend on the value of the goods and shipping costs.

15. Will I have to pay, extra charges, VAT, import duties or taxes in the destination country?

Depending on your status in the country you are moving to, you may be able to apply for certain benefits or exemptions regarding duties and/or taxes. Our suggestion would be to review these details at your local consulate office.

16. Do I need a customer broker to ship my personal belongings?

Yes, you will need to hire a customs broker or agent to help you with the importation and clearance process overseas. We would recommend checking with your local consulate office as they will most likely be able to recommend you a reputable customs broker to work with.

17. Can Latin American Cargo help me clear my cargo through customs?

Unfortunately, we do not offer customs clearance services at destination for personal shipments. Our recommendation would be to contact your local consulate and ask for a list of reputable customs brokers to help you with the clearance of your goods.

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